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Eleanor Bye Professional Corp. is a professional accounting firm that serves Jasper, Hinton, Edson, and Valemount.  We offer bookkeeping, business planning, tax planning, and financial reporting services from our office in Hinton.

As a Certified General Accountant (CGA), Eleanor Bye is a member of an Association that has a code of ethical conduct, rules of conduct and comprehensive requirements for operating standards and continuing professional development.  This means you and/or your business can be assured of timely and professional attention to your financial needs.

Thank you for visiting our Internet site. As an up-to-date business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company.  Check back with our website from time to time as we plan to update you about the financial issues that affect you.

As a business person you need answers to important questions but you don’t want to worry about what it will cost you.  Are you concerned that when contacting a professional you are probably being charged for the phone call, the email or the fax?  Has that made you hesitate about whether or not to call?  Our fixed price agreements can banish that worry because we’ve thrown out the clock.

It is important to us for you to contact us whenever you need to.  We can also relieve you of the concern of dealing with correspondence from the Canada Revenue Agency, the Workers’ Compensation Board or Employment Standards. 

A good two-way flow of communication is essential for us to assist you to manage risks and plan for success.  It underpins the service packages we can offer you.  No matter what we’re working on together, budgets, operating plans or achieving your desired work-life balance, we need to share information regularly.

With our new service packages we not only look after all your reporting deadlines and requirements, we interpret what your financial statements are telling you about the health of your business.  We will assist you to be proactive about developing your business and maximizing profits.  Once you have chosen your package we take the annual fee and spread it over 12 equal payments.   Call us to make an appointment to discuss how this can benefit your business.

Did you know over 3,000 trees are being shredded off the ground just so people can prepare their taxes the old fashioned way?

The senior marketing director of UFile, Joanne Birtch said “Six-million people are still doing their tax return by hand.”